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Inside out brand audit

Does your team resonate with your brand? Are your systems or product getting in the way of you fully delivering on your values?

Your team is at the centre of your brand. The people in your company define how your brand is felt by your customer in so many ways. In the cogs that turn your company day to day can affect how your brand is delivered. Everything your team do and what they believe affects how your brand is presented and how it is received. Assess your brand’s rational and emotional elements against your product, culture and systems. This insights driven activity will uncover ways to strengthen your brand from the inside, ensure your team is as passionate about your brand as you are and remove systems blockages.


Culture - in depth stakeholder interviews


Systems - Carry out a review of CRM systems / fulfilment / customer service with reference to your brand promise.


Product - How does your team see your product or service and your competitive advantage? Is this aligned with your brand star?



Action plan and toolkit in the form of a digital book to help you bring your brand to life by strengthening your product offering, culture and systems in line with your brand values.


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