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Brand Strategy

Define your brand’s essence, purpose, promise and a strapline that summarises this for the consumer.


Uncover the heart of what you do through a simple framework that is easy to understand, and rank your brand against your competitors. The 'brand star' framework helps us to uncover the rational deliverables of your brand, and the corresponding emotional drivers that give your brand its unique meaning and power. 


Get valuable Marketing planning tools to help you ensure you are communicating your brand’s values and talking about what your product delivers through all your channels.

Add logo design for a complete brand identity package

Rational & emotional thinking:

the backbone of the brand star

Despite what we might like to think, humans are not just rational beings. Much of our decision making is based on feeling rather than a series of calculations. However these feelings come from a lifetime of experience. We have the ability to assess and judge a situation, person (or product) in a matter of seconds, and this skill is increasingly in demand with the technological revolution. Malcolm Gladwell called it ‘thin slicing,’ Dan Kahneman describes it as "thinking fast and slow" -  I just call it being human.

Brands don’t really exist. They are merely apparitions in a moment of time. If brands are truly to be successful, we need to understand that we need to appeal to both the rational and emotional sides of the human constitution, but we also need to make sure they are as alive and kicking as the people we want them to build connections with.

I describe the attributes of a brand as 3 rational and 3 emotional elements; each an opposing pair working in harmony to deliver both the perceived need and also, the emotional pull that draws people to your brand, and keeps them there. This forms the structure of the brand star with its essence at the centre.

© Ruth J Palmer 2019

© 2019  Ruth J Palmer