Web Design

The purpose of the new web design for kora was to create an immersive brand environment whilst at the same time provide an exceptional e-commerce experience that drove sales for the brand. 

The solution to this problem was to include video headers that celebrate both where the brand and the wool that makes the products comes from (the Himalayas) and also inspire the adventures that could be had whilst using the product.

The strategic brand piece resulted in an objective to define kora as a thought leader in the area of extreme adventure in the natural environment. The recommendation was to create a comprehensive journal on this topic to encourage repeat visits to the website and brand loyalty.

Work carried out:



Management of photo shoots

  • Multi currency an shipping options

  • Comprehensive and immersive image-rich journal pages with three categories: Travel & Adventure, Gear & Makers, Inside Kora.

  • Clean and simple e-commerce environment with inspiring video footage plus key product value statements.

  • Comprehensive product detail page designed to eliminate any purchase fears and answer all potential product queries. Excellent product photography and review system here was vital as this is an online only retail environment and a high value new product in a competitive market.

  • Clean and simple product collection pages with colour swatches and quick view option.

  • Built into the design was the ability of the site to recognise location and double check that with the user whilst at the same time re-affirming the simplicity of checkout procedure.

  • Encouraging user loyalty through the use of popups with offers and information on outdoor adventures.

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