Brand Identity

Phosmedica is medical patient data analysis software that improves visibility of information within health service provider, improving transparency and patient outcomes.


As the software is new, it was important to establish trust with the identity, project clarity and strength as well as accuracy and authority. A clean cut simple identity was developed after building a comprehensive brand strategy. 

There are numerous issues with how hospital data is used to show hospital quality. It is a complex issue which emphasises all the more the need for a brand identity that is clean, simple and contemporary but still sit comfortably amidst a traditional landscape.

Brand strategy

Logo design

Stationery design


Brand essence: 



Brand purpose:

To represent hospital data in a fair way. 

Your data, your benefit, not shared at your expense.


Brand statement:

For healthcare providers, PHOSMEDICA is the risk assessment and management reporting system that provides immediate answers from root-cause analysis to give you the visibility you need to be in control of events in your healthcare organisation. Only PHOSMEDICA analyses data on site as it’s coded, by individual patient records and is based on the most sophisticated set of algorithms developed over 25 years, using the world’s largest data set of its kind.

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