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Innovator, entrepreneur and human insights specialist passionate about products and brand.

Winner of O2 and Arena Magazine's Entrepreneur of the year award 2007 and recent nominee of the European Patent Office's Innovator of the year 2019.


Inventor of the multi award winning intelligent shock absorption material, d3o and former Chief Resident Entrepreneur at innovation consultancy Idea Couture.

Richard has worked with all manner of companies, large and small, from pillars of the sports community like Adidas, Puma and VF corporation, to the MoD, and many small entrepreneurial companies in between. Richard is a true visionary and excels in human centred design. He leads our insights practice and has an uncanny skill of cutting to the heart of what drives human behaviour. Here are a few quotes from people Richard has worked with.

"I always enjoy working with Richard: he is always full of energy and enthusiasm and his work with clients is faultless. I learnt a lot too and he has always been supportive and inclusive in his approach. What impresses me the most, aside from his exceptional entrepreneurial vision and business direction, is how quickly he can immerse himself in a business, get underneath the skin of their values, the offerings and audiences and most importantly – identifying their unmet needs. I couldn't recommend him highly enough! Sharp, fun to work with, inspiring, and all round great guy. I will always look forward to the prospect of working with him."  James Storey, Partner & Digital Director, Chimney.

"In my trade I come across many people who claim to be "innovators," "disruptors," "design thinkers" and the like. A precious few of them are the real thing, and Richard is one of them. I've worked closely with him pitching managed innovation, delivering it, and creating go to market strategies for the digital age for some of the largest and most well regarded companies in the world. He is very strong across the business life cycle, and can speak with real authority on all things innovative, as well as back up his views with many cases of success in all types of environments. He is also great to work with and an all around good guy. I'd work with him again any time!"

Kevin Nicholas, Managing Partner Atos Consulting

“Richard is an inspiration to anyone with a dream, and the drive to realise it.” Simon Devonshire, Director, o2

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