Web Design & Photography

TRON builds amplifiers that deliver a truly emotional musical experience. Every amplifier is designed and hand built by Graham Tricker who selects each individual component based on one criterion alone: what will deliver absolute sound quality to free the soul of the music? Graham has been building and developing his amplifiers for over thirty years and has tried and tested almost every commercially available high-end component in the search for musical perfection.

The brief was to create a website and story that reflected the quality of the products. We used macro photography to demonstrate the obsessive attention to detail and reveal the beauty of the products on the inside, as well as the outside. In parallel, we built the story of Graham as the artisan behind the products to unearth and celebrate the art of sound and at the same time raise the credibility of the brand. More on the brand development.

Macro photography web design, copywriting & art direction by me.

Product photography by Neal Grundy.

© 2019  Ruth J Palmer