Brand Identity

Vereo is a new food brand that combines nutritional balance with Michelin star quality cooking and makes this available to you in a fast and convenient package. Vereo food & drink is sold in premium gyms and in food halls across the city of London. 


Logo development

Brand assets

Menu design



Brand essence: 



Brand purpose:

To produce creative, healthy, accessible food that inspires you to eat well wherever you are.


Brand statement:

For busy people who are passionate about food and nutrition, Vereo provides nutritionally balanced foods that give you a healthy Michelin star experience in your home, gym or workplace at your convenience. Only Vereo combines medically trained experts in nutrition with a Michelin star chef and a team of people passionate about eating well, staying healthy and feeling great.

Brand Elements

Rational elements (what we will deliver)

Scientifically informed nutrition (Balance)

Speed & convenience

Michelin star quality


Emotional elements (what we will inspire)

Feeling good



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